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Daily Slop: How to Stop Albert Haynesworth

Rams' Center stupidly predicts how they will beat Haynesworth/Skins week 2 [Insider]

"That's awesome," Zorn said with a chuckle. "What a great strategy."    
"Good," Haynesworth said. "Let him think that."    

Dorsey and Alridge still far from scoring spots on final roster [Insider]
(Fumbles in camp were noticeable the times I have been there)

Cowboys rookies get fantastic haircuts [Yahoo]

Mike Vick not impressing off the field [Yahoo]
(Clubbing + rappers + video cameras = not good)

Drama building for Orakpo versus Oher matchup on Thursday night
(Since so many people wanted the Skins to draft Michael Oher, the Ole Miss OL)