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Daily Slop: Bruce Smith & Albert Haynesworth in Court Today

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Renaldo Wynn has a bad-ass Chevy Impala (Video) []

Fred Smoot adds Food Network to his PBA post-NFL career possibilities [Skins Blog]

Bruce Smith in trial today for drunk driving charges [KC]
(Haynesworth also in trial today trying to avoid a civil suit for the driver he hit)

Red Zebra's competition lineup announced [Sports Bog]

Steve McNair's girlfriend not happy with her DUI 2 days earlier [espn]

Marion Barry's voicemail messages are crazy [dc fab]
(DC City Paper has one of the funniest covers you'll ever see on this..... ) [City Paper]

I received an email yesterday from Brooks, asking me to link to a Sean Taylor song he wrote:

The recent Mcnair tradegy reminded of my favorite player Sean Taylor. I wrote and recorded a song for him a little while ago. I would love for Daniel Snyder to hear it and pay for it to be recorded right.

Click the song '21 Sean' [MySpace]

(I love music, but I'll leave it for you guys to judge this one. It's...uh..interesting. Mr. Snyder, if you read HH, here's a biz opp for you!)

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