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Redskins' Offensive Line Not Impressing Out of the Gates

via <a href="">redskinsblog</a>
via redskinsblog

Here is a summary of all the reports from the reporters/bloggers that were at camp yesterday. I will be attending camp on Tuesday and possibly tomorrow (Saturday), so I should be able to add some concrete insight as well. Obviously things will not be perfect on day one.


From the warpathconfidential:

Stephon Heyer was badly beaten by rookie Jeremy Jarmon on one snap and had to resort to grabbing Jarmon's jersey to prevent a complete whiff on the block.  Nor was it limited to the tackles, with Albert Haynesworth displaying deceptive quickness against Derrick Dockery in getting penetration on a few plays. 

 At one point the line had back-to-back false starts.

Probably the most spectacular play of this drill was a double-move by Malcolm Kelly on Justin Tryon.  Kelly was running a crossing pattern when he cut once towards the post, and then cut again to run towards the middle, leaving Tryon 10-15 yards out of position.  Kelly caught the pass all alone in the middle of the field.    

From the Redskins Insider:

[Mike Williams and Jeremy Bridges] encountered problems against ends Renaldo Wynn and Rob Jackson, but Coach Jim Zorn said he was not discouraged. The Skins have a long way to go before things need to be set along the offensive line, and Zorn preaches patience.    

"It's hard to block that second move" of the ends, Zorn said. "You think you got 'em, then you start to punch, and then the guy comes back underneath. That's what we're working on. That's why we're out here. There's a lot of practice time that has to take place before these guys can get enough experiences to feel like we can block all the moves that our defense is going to show us."    

"There's going to be a learning curve," Zorn said. "It's going to take some time, [but] he's got a great attitude for it."

As for Bridges, "we're looking for a guy who can play multiple positions," Zorn said. "I'm looking for him to keep going. He wants to earn a starting spot. So, playing him in different spots, we're going to find that right spot for him. And whether he starts or becomes a swing guy, that's down the road a ways."

It's only day one, so obviously there's no need to throw up the red flags. However, it takes some kool-aid drinking and a few prayers to assume that offensive linemen that have been out of the league a couple years can contribute at a high-level when pre-season begins in 2 weeks. Can they be ready in a month? Time will tell, but they are practicing against one of the best DL's in the league. That certainly counts for something.