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Daily Slop: Training Camp Is Here

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I'm not sure about you guys, but it feels like Christmas morning to me. Twitter world is blowing up that the Loudon County Parkway is already jammed with cars trying to filter into Redskins Park. Grills are burning...yes, officially football is back. I am tentatively planning to attend camp this coming Tuesday, August 4th.

- Joe Gibbs rated 17th best coach of all time...of ALL sports [WaTimes]
(For cleaning up Spurrier's mess he should be automatic top 5)

- Chris Cooley absolutely destroys Cowboys fans in latest blog [Cooley Zone]

- Haynesworth has yet to find a house after looking at 40 of them [Tennessean]

-Redskinettes Calendar Release Party tonight in D.C. [

- WaTimes writer Ryan O'Halloran makes his 53-man roster predictions [WaTimes]
(RB cuts: Anthony Alridge, Marcus Mason and Eddie Williams...Dorsey makes it as the 4th RB)
(Roydell Williams the 5th WR...Marko gets cut)

OK...prediction time...I'll post mine in the comments as to not influence yours.

1.) Who will be the surprise player to make the squad?

2.) Who will be the surprise cut?

3.) Who will be the first Redskin to sit out a full practice w/ a tweak/injury?

4.) Who (if any) of 3 will make the squad? Marcus Mason, Dominique Dorsey, Anthony Alridge

5.) Who will win the 5th WR Spot?

6.) Does Zorn say the word 'golly' in any of his interviews today?