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Daily Slop: Let's Kill the Vick Rumors Now

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Cerrato said "No" last week about bringing in Vick and said "No" today [Redskins Insider]

- Michael Vick was seen eating at the Buffalo Wing Factory in Ashburn last night

(Ugh. Let the rumors start flying. Relax everyone. He has a lot of friends in the DC area and they're all in Ashburn currently preparing for the opening of training camp. Keep in mind that Cerrato and Snyder are both dog lovers. Of course Florio is spear-heading the rumors so I am excluding that link. HH member CJHutch added that Snyderrato is out of town that is a relief.)

Rock Cartwright's response to bringing in Vick

"I'm happy with who we got. I'm happy with Jason Campbell...I don't make decisions I just play."

Ryan O'Halloran from the WaTimes had this to say on Vick's next team:

We'll rule out his former team, Atlanta because the Falcons have moved on; and the local team, the Redskins -- if Dan Snyder truly wants to give Jim Zorn every chance to succeed, he won't sign Vick and the 10-ring circus that will come with it.

- Vick could play week 1 if all goes well []

- Chris Mortensen will be at Redskins Training Camp August 18th [fanfeedr]

- Mike Williams met his goal...weighs 343 pounds [scroll down to next article]

- Cowboys' 3rd round pick, Robert Brewster, out indefinitely after tearing pectoral muscle [BTB]

- Q&A with Coach Zorn []

On Campbell: "He's much more explosive away from the line of scrimmage....What he learned last year, even up to game 16, was just the nature of being on the line of scrimmage and controlling the run game, controlling the passing game and controlling the protection situations. And then, when the ball is snapped, he learned how to read and throw on the kind of rhythm that we expect from him."

On his play-calling comfort: "I have an approach that I'm taking--I try to be aggressive and attack--and I'm never at a loss for a play. Overall, I feel very comfortable in my play-calling."

- Anthony Alridge the next big thing? [nfltouchdown]

Shanahan advised Vinny Cerrato to pick Alridge up, saying he was the fastest player with the football he has ever seen. For a guy who has produced 1000 yard rushers by the boatload, that's high praise...The concerns are his small frame (5-9, 175) and the foot injury [torn ligament in left foot] he suffered last year...He will need to make impact on special teams in order to receive consideration.

Cooley makes fun of Jason Witten:

Fantasy Files from Tanner Cooley on Vimeo.