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Roy Williams Interview - Doesn't take Blame for Santana Moss TDs

The excellent writer over at just posted an interview with former Cowboys Safety, Roy Williams. Some highlights:

FP: The "horse collar" rule is sometimes called the "Roy Williams" rule. Is that fair? Is it legal in your book...what's your take?

RW: The horse collar is a rule and I have to play within the rules. Is it fair? I'll just say this... I'm an old school player when it comes to football. I watch Jack Tatum, Ronnie Lott, Steve Atwater. And you're always taught to bring him down by any means necessary.

FP: OK, a couple questions for the Redskin fan in me. What players on the Skins did you enjoy playing against/admire the most? Did you get a chance to befriend Sean Taylor before his death?

RW: Redskins...yes I had a chance to meet and talk with Sean at the Pro Bowl, we've seen the bad boy image, on the football field, but he was actually a good guy, family man. I liked Sean a lot, sad to see him go. I actually had a sticker with his number on my shoulder pads...I think it's still on my shoulder pads.

FP: Week 2 of the 2005 season, the Cowboys are beating the Skins 13-0 with less than 4 minutes to go. Mark Brunell teams up with Santana Moss for 2 long bombs to win the game. What are your thoughts and comments looking back?

RW: As far as the Santana it's so in the past, and I would say this, it wasn't my man. I was playing the defense, how it was supposed to be played. And I caught the heat for it cause I was the safety, and people think it was my play to make and it wasn't. And that's the play people hold on to still to this day, saying I can't cover...not cool, but its life.


The horse collar reply is absurd. Players are tearing their knees on that play and you're still defending it as 'old school.' Give me a break.

The first of the 2 Santana Moss touchdowns Roy could be right, but the fact is he never even looked over to that side. The second touchdown he is chasing Tana...seems like a fail to me. I mean, you're holding a lead at the end of the game. What excuse can you POSSIBLY have for letting a wide receiver get behind you?