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Daily Slop - Look Kids, Big Ben...In Jail

Uh oh...Steelers fans have got to be at least a little concerned about the latest developments in the Ben Roethlisbergercase. I wonder if Micheal Vick could play in that run-based offense...hmmmm. Check here for today's story at CBS Sports. Looks like the Commissionator is paying attention now to the allegations.

Also at CBS, Clark Judge addresses what he thinks are the primary position battles for the NFC East going into training camp. Shocker (spoiler alert)...the battle for the right tackle spot is the chief battle for the Skins.

Over at the National Football Post, Joe Fortenbaugh picks 5 players in contract years to check out. How does Owen Daniels make the list and not Jason Campbell?

Looks like I almost certainly will NOT be drafting J.P. Losman this year in fantasy football. Thanks to him signing with the Vegas UFL team, I should be saved from the awful late night decision on draft night: J.P. Losman or Roydell Williams. I seriously think I had J.P. on my team every year of his mediocre/miserable career except for one. In 2006 I looked pretty smart, as he put up 3000+ yards and 19 TDs. As it turned out, the other four years he spent as a pro didn't even add up to that one year.

Ross Tucker hammers away at Jay Cutler, the Raiders, and the Matt Cassel contract. I am really warming up to his style and he seems to offer something thoughtful and constructive on a more regular basis than he did when he first started. You can read him over at CNNSI (I assume Hogs Haven readers know that he was a former Redskins lineman.)

Speaking of former Redskins, Lavar is tearing Snyder a new one. Here is Leonard Shapiro's review of yesterday's show.

Tune in tomorrow to read Kevin's review of Chris Cooley's famous/infamous sandwich: peanut butter, mustard, and ham. Try it tonight yourself so you can offer your own two cents.