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Washington Redskins' Jason Campbell chats with Lavar Arrington


The maiden voyage of WJFK's Lavar Arrington show was yesterday from 2-6pm. I listened to 3 hours of it, including the Jason Campbell interview. All in all, I thought the show was entertaining and Lavar did a good job of being funny yet insightful. The first few minutes of the show they established that neither of them were gay. So that is settled.

The heart of the show was the lead-up to the interview with Jason Campbell. Lavar boldly predicted the Auburn quarterback would not be a Redskin next year, comparing his situation where he was pushed out to Jason's situation. Lavar went into thorough detail of how he was forced out of DC stating that the coaches kept saying he couldn't learn Gregg Williams' defense. He said there was nothing further from the truth and that he was the fall guy. He backed his opinion stating Gregg Williams is on his second team in as many years and was rejected the head coaching job in D.C. Lavar then said it's going to be the same thing for Jason. When the offense still sputters, it's going to be the coaches and team saying that Campbell couldn't learn his offense. I'm paraphrasing over an hour's worth of discussion, but Lavar made some good points.

 Ryan O'Hallaran from WaTimes blogged some of the interview with #17: 

* (on feeling the pressure to perform): "The one thing people don't understand - we live in such an inpatient business. All of the pieces of the puzzle have to fall into place - from top to bottom on the whole team.

* (on if the pieces in place to be explosive offensively): "Last year during OTAs, we had maybe 58 pass plays and this year, we finished OTAs with more than 130. It was much a more wide open book and wide open format. ... The coaches [Zorn] hired, it wasn't like they were together on the same team before they got here. They had to learn together. They're more sure of the plays we were able to add. We were learning as we went from game to game last year."

It's almost comical to hear that the Redskins only had 58 pass plays in OTA's last year. Breaking down film against the Redskins offense must have been laughable by opposing teams.

In the middle of the interviewwith Jason,  Chad Dukes asked Campbell if they could put him on hold for a quick commercial break. (Pause). "Sure." Haha. Man. I don't think I would have been as nice. 

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