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Daily Slop: Cooley Adds Race Car Sponsoring to Portfolio

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Redskins are +600 to win the NFC East [vegassports-odds]
(I mean GEEZ. I'll take those odds in a second. Anyone going to Vegas the next 2 weeks where they can drop $20 on the Skins for me???)

Chris Cooley follows Joe Gibbs....takes on race-car sponsorship [Cooley Zone]
(Almost looks like he's sponsoring Demolition Derbies)

Blogger makes a case the Redskins should get Mike Martz [nfl gridiron]
(can we please let Zorn and Sherman Smith have consecutive years to build the team before throwing them under the bus?)

Bill Belichick has been researching the Wildcat offense with Urban Meyer & Jon Gruden []

John Lynch not a fan of Brandon Marshall [espn]
("Buyer've got to call a spade a spade")

Video of Pacman Jones making it rain in Vegas club [espn]
(Nelly and Jermaine Dupree also pictured the night of the shooting)

Vikings' Jared Allen calls the Brett Favre saga "annoying" []
(Thanks Jared. We've had THREE years of've only had one)

Marshall Faulk hits a hole-in-one in celebrity tourney []

Big Ben accused of sexual assault [Yahoo]
(The story behind this reminds me of the Kobe case)