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New Washington Redskins' DE Jeremy Jarmon Wanted to be a Redskin All Along

Kevin Sheehan interviewed newly acquired Washington Redskins DE Jeremy Jarmon this past Friday. They cover the day of the supplemental draft, his strengths, what went wrong with the failed drug test, missing his final year at the University of Kentucky, the four overtime game against LSU, and dinner with Dan Snyder and Coach Zorn in Aspen, Colorado.

"Cerrato told me, 'We want you you more than other teams.' I woke up yesterday morning [the day of the supplemental draft] saying I want to be a Redskin, so I sent Mr. Cerrato a text saying 'I want to be a Redskin.'"

I play with good leverage. I'm quick. I have a good body type to lose and add weight. Skins told me I'll have a chance to play DE and DT.

Jeremy Jarmon also met with the Eagles owner and Coach Reid leading up to the draft. Jarmon said he knew after meeting with Coach Zorn and Dan Snyder that he wanted to be a Redskin.  

It's easy to dwell on the mistake signings from past free agents, but this is another move where you can see Washington is taking steps in the right direction.

Vinny Cerrato's tactics have become a lot more visible with the amount of players he has picked up with "questionable" off-field behavior.  J.D. Skolnitsky and Jeremy Jarmon both were acquired from failed drug tests, which having heard their stories truly do seem like a simple mishap. Cody Glenn and Robert Henson both had been suspended by their respective collegiate teams, but their work ethic has been impeccable to date, which Hogs Haven learned first hand. It's easy to forget that these are kids. However, signing a veteran wide receiver to a multi-million dollar deal while publicly stating he's trying to revive his rap career, that's a different story. Cough. Brandon Lloyd. Cough.