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Daily Slop: Offensive Line Better than We Think?

Chad Rinehart impressing big [Insider]

When asked on the difference of Chad between last year and this year...
"Night and day," Bugel said. "Difference between yesterday and today. He's going to be a real good football player for us....He's come back ready to go. He's about 309, 310 pounds, so I've been very pleased with him."

NFL Outsider ranks the top 10 most valuable Redskins right now [mvn]

(I disagree a little bit. I think Jason Campbell should be #1, and "Malcolm Kelly/Devin Thomas together should be #2. I don't think Cooley is more valuable than the London Fletcher. Losing London would be a MAJOR blow. Fred Davis could step in and lessen the blow for Cooley I think.) What do you think?

Kevin Barnes and Fred Smoot battling for nickel spot [Insider]

Redskins retain their 92 ranking (out of 122) for ESPN's Ultimate Experience Standings [espn]
(Interesting note is that the Redskins were ranked #36 in 2006. Mighty fall. I wonder how the new tailgating rules will affect the 2010 standings.)

Redskins fans recall memories from Michael Jackson's two 1984 shows at RFK [wusa

The Fun Bunch celebrate 1st TD in 1982 Championship game [redskins rule]