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5 Best and Worst Redskins Moments of the 2008 Season (Video)

Only 14 days until training camp, so all of our analyzing of last year is ALMOST complete. I thought I'd spend some time putting together the best and worst of last year. We'll start on a good note.

5 Best Moments:

#5.) Jason Campbell's 67-yard bomb to Santana Moss to beat the Saints [Video]

#4.) Win at Dallas (Shaun Suisham's 3 FGs a big help)
(This victory led to my favorite video clip of the year...Dan Snyder amped shouting "When We Play Physical ... We Win!!!" in the locker room [Video])

#3.) Chris Horton winning NFC defensive player of the Week 2.
(This to me solidified a big part of our defense and knew we had something special) 

#2.) Fred Smoot and Laron Landry's 4th quarter tackle on Reggie Brown to win the game week 16 against the Eagles [Video]

#1.) London Fletcher's hit on Calvin Johnson on 4th down to win the game  [Video]
(Seriously. If London does not make this play, can you imagine our off-season having to hear ALL the talking heads talk about Washington being the only team that lost to Detroit?? (Mr. Fletcher, thank you IMMENSELY).

Honorable Mention: Santana Moss punt return for a touchdown vs DET (breaking 2 tackles including one from Devin Thomas)

s for the bad news, the worst moments. There are quite a few to choose from, but five stand out . We'll do these after the jump....

5 Worst Moments:

#5.) Jim Zorn not using the hurry up offense against the Giants week 1 (trailing a score).
(I mean, this made no sense. The announcers were calling out our coaching staff. Even the dogs in my apartment were going nuts. This wasn't a game the Redskins were suppose to win, but it definitely made us question our new head coach's ability.)

#4.) Clinton Portis getting benched for the 2nd half against the Ravens after fumbling, which Ed Reed scooped up and returned for a TD
(We don't need to re-visit what happened during or after this!) 

#3.) Mike Sellers not getting in with 2 goal-line carries from the yard 1-yard line, and then having the ball stripped as he tried to extend the ball. [Video]
Tough loss. Real Tough loss. 

#2.) Pete Kendall catching Campbell's deflected pass, then coughing it up while trying to run with it only to see it go  the length of the field the other way for a TD. [Video]
(That walk out of Fedex losing to the Rams went from pure shock to anger pretty quick. It didn't help I had a Rams fan with me pointing and laughing the entire walk down the Fedex catwalk).

#1.) Steelers Monday Night Football game. The whole frickin day. [Video]
(This was one of the rare games I Metro'd in. I remember there wasn't a plethor aof Steelers fans on the trains or even my walk to Lot F, but that soon changed. As the sun went down, I recall seeing buses of Steelers fans unloading and we all joked it was going to be rough, but NO ONE dreamed of Fedex getting over-taken like that. Not to mention Byron Leftwich comes in the game and led TWO touchdown drives.) Terrible towel mania. Vomit. which moments am I missing?