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Daily Slop: RIP Clyde Shugart


Former Redskins Clyde Shugart passes away at age 92 [] [cyclones]

He was a nasty pulling guard and helped clear the way for runners like Wilbur Moore and Bob Seymour. His Redskin teams went to the NFL title game in the 1940, 1942 and 1943 seasons

Eagles Insider releases their power rankings []
(Shocker...Eagles ranked #2 and Redskins #28)

Job opening with Redskins - Manager of Ticket Operations [teamwork]
(I guess they need this now that the waiting list is kaput)

Cassell receives $13 million less signing bonus than Stafford [espn]
(This is what's broken with the NFL...Cassell threw for 3,700 more yards than Stafford last year)

Jason Taylor does Q&A with SB Nation Dolphons' blog [Phinsider]
(Stays professional and takes the high road)

Matty: You clearly didn't perform up to your usual standards last season in Washington. What do you attribute your "un-JT-like" 2008 to? Was it your injury? Was it the system or your role in the system? Or wasn't something else altogether?

Jason: "Well, I really don’t believe in making excuses, so let me start with that. Mr. Snyder and the Redskins paid me a lot of money to perform at a high level and regardless of the circumstances it was my job to deliver. There were, however, some contributing factors because it’s never just one thing that leads to a player’s success or struggles. I did get hurt and had to deal with two in-season surgeries, which really presented a challenge, especially since I had gone so long without missing a game. As for the system, a lot of teams have had a lot of success running a system similar to what the Redskins run, so I can’t be critical of it. Having said that, I am excited to be playing in the system we are running here in Miami."

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