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Daily Slop: Shaun Suisham Does Not Want to Lose His Job

Redskins Car Show in Ashburn 8/23/09 [Skins Rides]

Redskins 2008 season in graph form [Hog Heaven]

Derrick Mason's retirement leaves big hole for Ravens WR core []
(Marvin Harrison to BAL?)

Madden rankings for the Redskins [examiner]
(Video preview has a comical moment when Eli gets a direct shot helmet in the chest from Andre Carter and keeps on running. How is that possible?)

McNabb likes to party with porn stars [deadspin]

DeAngelo Hall responded to our tweet for his Fan Appreciation Day:

HogsHaven: @Dhall23 Who will have more this with interceptions or Orakpo with sacks?
DHall23: @hogshaven Let's make it a tie! 15 and 15! lol just for fun!

Shaun Suisham has been practicing everyday of the break leading up to training camp