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Chris Cooley Is Guest Writer For Monday Morning Quarterback

Chris Cooley is the third in line to cover for Peter King in his month long absence. Trent Green and Matt Birk have gone first and second, respectively. I guess Chris Cooley's inexorable romp to cyber-galactic domination is going rather nicely. He has really come into his own as a personality it seems, and the media is taking note.

Here is the link to today's MMQB column.

In his typical fashion, he cranks out rips on Trent Green, kickers, and even manages to get a little dig on Donovan McNabb. As you're reading it, you can clearly hear Chris saying all of these things. I especially liked his telling of the story of him and Shaun Suisham talking:

A couple weeks ago, I squatted over my helmet next to Shaun Suisham on the practice sideline of Redskins Park. It was your everyday water-cooler dialogue, the kicker being the guy who has nothing to do, ever, and then lingering around, begging for someone to scheme with. Conversations with a kicker are typically nonsense-filled ideas ranging from Barack Obama staring down girls' backsides to Michael Jackson's death dragging his estate out of debt. Every so often, we even talk about football, but with a kicker it's usually something about how a holder's chubby, jittery hands can mess up an entire season or why adding two games to the regular season would be so much harder on a kicking leg.

He went on to talk about Smart Football, which you'll have to hear him explain.

It is a quick read--unlike the normal MMQB--and in it, Chris once again tries to gain support for his monstrosity of a sandwich: peanut butter, mustard, and ham.