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Turn Back the Clock: Dan Snyder Interview as New Redskins Owner (Video)

It's been ten years this May since Dan Snyder took over as the Redskins team owner. A lot of lessons learned.

I hadn't seen these videos before, but it's quite comical interesting to watch them since it highlights the aggressive manner the Redskins have for doing whatever it takes to win. Anyone who says Dan Snyder only cares about money, well, these videos put that to rest. Some highlights:

Dan Snyder: I love the Redskins. I went to my first game in 1971. This is my life-long passion. I'm fulfilling my dream.

Wally Bruckner: Dan Rooney [Steelers owner] said of you to me, "for a young guy he has the old school mentality of what an owner is."

Dan Snyder:  I understand the tradition. For the Redskins, that's winning. I respect that. I'm a team player. I want to propel the Redskins back to where they belong.

Wally: You met with your head coach and general manager. Are you going to rely on their expertise?

Dan Snyder: We're active. We're not individuals that site idle. We're action takers and persistent. That's what has led us here. I had a great, productive meeting with Norv and Charley, and if we can pick up on that winning momentum of the last 8 games last season we'll be in great shape.

Wally: What type of owner are you going to be? You've been low-profile.

Snyder: I keep a low-profile. It's my way. We're very persistent individuals of the dot the i's and cross the t's and get it done. Now we just need to get it done on the field. I understand what it's like to lose and feel that. That is our priority...turn that into wins. We're going to do everything we can to get us in the playoffs    

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Jack Kent Cooke was an extremely private owner as well. An interview with him after the jump where he talks about selling encyclopedias and working his way up buying minor league baseball teams and the LA Kings.