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Redskins Fans vs Romo Fans at Tiger Woods' Golf Tournament Today

JC teeing off with ARE and Mike Weir. Image via 
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JC teeing off with ARE and Mike Weir. Image via

At this moment, Tiger Woods and Tony Romo are playing at Congressional Country Club in the Pro-Am for Tiger's tournament this weekend. And in the 4-some directly behind him is Jason Campbell, Mike Weir, Antwan Randle El, and Bruce Boudreau.

Twitter world has been hilarious today between Matt Terl and Dan Steinberg's fantastic coverage. I will keep updating this post as tweets come in.


@barrysvrlugaSomeone wrote the following in Romo's yardage book: "Go Redskins!"

@dcsportsbogRomo on his match w Tiger at the turn: "He gave me two (strokes). They're used up."

@chaztopher There's no Redskins gear at Congressional b/c only #Cowboys fans are low-class enough to wear jerseys to a golf tournament.

@dcsportsbogTrue story: Just found a random golf ball iin some rough. Romo must have fumbled it.

@redskinsblogRandle El in "unreal" rough. Looks like length of my backyard.

@dcsportsbog: Fan: "Can you sign my hat? Romo: "Not right now." Fan: "Jason Campbell signed it."

@redskinsblogShaun Suisham: "Walking along with Mike Weir on Canada Day - could it get any better for a guy like me?"

@hogshaven@redskinsblog is it true Romo is not getting booed at all & there are lots of Romo jerseys?

@redskinsblog@hogshaven Lots of Romo jerseys. Haven't heard booing. JC getting love from fans, though.

@LiveFromOldBlueGood par save from tiger. Near birdie from romo. If you forget his skilled bunker shot at 2, tiger is 5-under and looking pretty sharp

@redskinsblogWell there's at least one Campbell jersey. And a Portis as well. Closing the gap!

@dcsportsbogThank you, man in Sean Taylor jersey and man in "Dallas Sucks" t-shirt, who have joined the Romo gallery.

@LiveFromOldBlueDon't understand. The crowds just cheered romo louder than tiger after his tee shot off the 5th. This is DC, right?

@redskinsblogRedskins really interacting with fans, partially by hitting shots outside of the ropes.

@LiveFromOldBlueTiger tried to hit a knock-down iron into the green. Left it short. Still parred. Romo missed a 7footer for par

@LiveFromOldBlueTiger finished with a respectable par after two perfect shots and a good lag putt. Water boarders the left side of 6 green. Par is really gd

@dcsportsbogNow here's a dad in a Terry Allen jersey and daughter wearing Romo. She wants Jessica's autograph.

@LiveFromOldBluePlay is backed up at the par 3 7th. Lots of autograph seekers. Tiger isn't signing now. I asked if they wanted mine instead. They declined

@hogshaven@LiveFromOldBlue I think Romo is afraid of dropping the pen

@LiveFromOldBlueRomo might have put it inside of tiger's. The crowd went crazy. Before romo hit, the starter asked for a "warm Washington redskins welcome."

@dcsportsbogStarter on 7th tee: "let's give him a warm washington redskins welcome!" fans: "Boooooooooo!" Finally.

@dcsportsbogFan in Monk hat to Romo on tee: "Hit it like its december!"

@redskinsblogSpeculation that a circling helicopter contains Jessica Simpson. "Push her off," says kid in Portis jersey.

(more tweets after the jump)...

@dcsportsbogPink Cowboys hat. Perfect

@redskinsblog - Nice boxer brief lines Romo...

@mallen405 just watched tony romo playing golf with tiger woods at the at&t pro am. romo was a dick

@bigblueview Tony Romo attends a New York Yankee game. Sacrilege!

@mikachu02@redskinsblog Romo needs to be somewhere throwing to his WR's than with Tiger lol he needs to make sure he doesn't visit chokeville n Dec

@LiveFromOldBlueCrowd trying to get romo to go for the green on a long third shot. After some taunts, romo declared "Ok we'll go for it." Didnt work out

@PGATOUR: Finally Romo just got booed some when he was introduced at the ceremony. Lot of cheers of course for Redskins qb Jason Campbell

@redskinsblogMixed cheers and boos for Romo, cheers for Campbell, slightly muted cheers for Simpson.

@sarahbeth41jessica simpson just sang the national anthem at the at&t national golf (tourney?). awful. posed with romo & tiger. what a hooch.

 @barrysvrluga: Largest cheer at AT&T opening ceremony: Not Romo, not Boudreau, not Randle El, but Jason Campbell, No. 17 in prgrm, No. 1 in heart.

@Truth_About_ItRT @maxwasserman: Wendi Nix just reported on ESPN that Romo received a warm welcome at Cong. I was there and he got booed loudly. Nix lies!

@dcsportsbogPhotos of Tiger with Jessica Simpson and Tiger with the Redskins.