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Daily Slop: Robert Henson & Chris Cooley

Must read on Robert Henson: The amazing things he has overcome to get where he is today [WaTimes]
(Loss of brother at age 10, assault on sister at age 20, loss of both maternal grand-parents)

"All you can ask for is a shot. I'm grateful for the opportunity. I just wanted to get my foot in the door. I plan on kicking it down."

Must read: Cooleys open up to Nancy Cooley's breast cancer story [WaPost]

(Diagnosed a week before Chris' wedding, uses Redskins medical staff to help move things forward) 

Vintage: WaPost article from last July covering everything Zorn: Him standing up to Holmgren, handling Cerrato's 150 questions in the interview process, and DJ'ing. [WaPost

James Thrash not thinking retirement, yet [WaTimes

Brian Westbrook surgery a 'success.' Plans to be 100% Week 1 []

Terrell Owens still has a broken heart [fanhouse]

Hogs Haven will be interviewing Marion Barry today to talk Super Bowls, Fedex Field, and Redskins. If you have any questions you'd like me to ask, please comment below and I'll try to get them in.

Note: If you haven't seen the movie "The Hangover" yet, do it immediately! Hysterical