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Daily Slop: Marko Mitchell

Interview with 6'4 7th round pick, Marko Mitchell. Randle El think the kid has a good shot []

"The nuances in terms of leverage and everything you can pick up," Randle El said of learning the receiver position. "But if you've got the ability to catch and run and just make plays when the ball's in the air, you've got your foot in the door. I think he's got his foot in the door. He can run fairly decent routes. He's shown he can make some plays. Now it's a matter of him doing it consistently, every time his name is called."

Renaldo Wynn reads playbook and bibles with teammates [Insider]

Haynesworth's trial is on Monday for 2 charges from car accident [WaTimes]

Devin Thomas reads Hogs Haven [espn]

Dominque Dorsey adjusting to NFL rules of punt returning [Insider

Redskins announce public training camp schedule [foxdc
(Starts July 30th)

Dallas Cowboys practicing the Wildcat offense with Felix Jones [star telegram]
(Except they call it the 'Razorback'....get it? Ugh...I hate this team)

Redskins' Virginia scratch-off lottery tickets coming soon [espn]

Matt Leinart works out with Tom Brady at UCLA []
(My guess is Leinart is trying to learn how to land a super-model and not get photographed blacked out trying to make out with her)

Jim Zorn disappointed but not concerned on Laron Landry's absensce from OTAs (and not returning calls)