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Daily Slop: Cooley Blows Up a Cow

Two former Skins make ESPN's Top 25 Best Players of this Decade [espn]
(Champ Bailey and wait for it....Shaun Alexander)

Brian Mitchell blasts Red Zebra for being let go from ESPN 980 [DC Sports Bog]

"If you never discuss any money, or any changes in my money with me, then you already have your minds made up. This didn't have a damn thing to do with the economy, " Mitchell says. "When people turn on the radio, they want to hear what they truly see. Not what the company line is."

A great article on how Mike Williams got to be 450 lbs and his detailed current diet [WaTimes]

Matt Terl has a nice piece on the Brian Mitchell saga bringing back in the Portis drama [Skins Blog]

Redskins have spent the 3rd most amount of $$ on players from 2004-2008 []

Chad Johnson compares MJ's death to 9/11 [Yahoo]

Tweet of the weekend from CooleyZone, which has video coming soon: 

going to blow up a dead cow..adding fireworks 2 the 5 gallons of gasoline that will be poured on the cow

For all those single Hogs Haven ladies out there, former Skin Ed Olkewicz is now single
(Note: This is not one of my photoshop jobs, real screen shot.)


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