Brian Orakpo at LB

I'm reading the rookie first impressions report by Steve Wyche over at, and can't help but think that he's made another wrong assumption. Steve Wyche has never really impressed me. You may remember that it was his "source", and only his "source" that said the Redskins were going after Sanchez in the draft (and if you've seen my other posts, you'll know I think this is vastly exaggerated). Now in this article, he is saying that Orakpo is going to be playing OLB.

Like English, Orakpo is making the transition from collegiate defensive end to outside linebacker. The 13th overall pick has shown well enough in offseason workouts that he will enter training camp as the Redskins' starter on the strong side.

Now I have read that he has been practicing with the LBs at OTAs, and will be used (probably frequently) in situations at strong side linebacker. But I haven't read anything about him being our starting SAM, and everytime I hear reference to his position change, there is an emphasis to note that he is still coming in to attack the quaterback (and will be back to practicing mostly with the linemen in training camp).

So what do you think? Are we going to see Orakpo more at SLB or DE? And is there any justification for calling Orakpo our starting LB?