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Daily Slop: Michael Jackson Tribute

Sure, he was a weirdo, but come some point in your life you turned up the volume on a Michael Jackson song right? In today's Washington Post, Monica Hesse gives you reactions from both those who loved MJ and those who seemed to relish in his death.

Underlining his starpower around the globe, reactions poured in from everywhere. (MSNBC

Doing what he does best, Bill Simmons, who was writing his annual Draft Diary, tied up the day's events, and the NBA draft into a good read. (ESPN)

Who out there remembers Captain EO...the EPCOT Center attraction featuring the King of Pop? I stood in line for it when I was about 10 years old.


Michael Dwayne Jackson, the former wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravensis fine I think. Wikipedia still has him living and breathing so he will have to really step up his Michael Jackson-ness now. Here are his stats. (pro football reference)

My favorite MJ song is "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough". That song is so good that the worst dancer in the world can somehow look good dancing to it. Truly magical. A must-play after wins at post-game tailgates.

What are your best/favorite Michael Jackson stories?