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Daily Slop: Dexter Manley II


- Dexter Manley Jr. signs with CFL team, Hamilton Ticats [thespec]
(Dude is 6'4 260 pounds with a 4.5 40...can you imagine how great that would be for the fans if the Skins invited him into training camp for a workout?? haha)

- Randy Thomas gets knee scoped [WaTimes

- Charges against OL Jeremy Bridges have been dropped [csn]
(Stems from an incident where he popped champagne over people & got in a dispute with the restuarant employee)

- Boldin fires Rosenhaus, hires Condon [cnnsi]

- Vince Young getting close to asking for a trade [espn]

- DeAngelo Hall takes biggest drop in Madden rankings ever [Skins Blog]

- Redskins super fan's 20-year wait for season tickets is over [journal now]
(After reading this article, the game at Charlotte this year could be a HUGE burgundy and gold contingency. It's our turn to be the Steelers)

- Fantasy: Tom Brady's knee is better than expected []

Malcolm Kelly now competing full speed and showing good things []

(Video of Malcolm and Tana...I can't say how impressed/excited I am to hear Malcolm say these things)