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Obama's Economic Stimulus Plan Works! Former Redskins Adam Archuleta Finds a Job (with UFL)


Does Jennifer Walcott's Dad Own A UFL Team? I'm not sure either, but the UFL draft was held last night and many former "big" name NFL players were drafted, most notably, our beloved Adam ArchuletaBruce from Baltimore Beatdown must be so proud!!! I don't know the details of the contract, but the former bust Redskin was drafted by the Las Vegas TBDs, coached by Jim Fassell (Gene Hackman) and QB'd by...wait for it...J.P. Losman! The first thing that comes to mind for me with the UFL is Shane Falco. 


Other notables drafted, so you can get a jump up on your UFL fantasy team, are: Jermaine Wiggins, Labrandon Toefield, Brooks Bollinger, Chris Perry, and BJ Sams. I'm not gonna lie, I'm really disappointed Jeff George is not on the list.


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