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Daily Slop:Mike Florio makes up more Redskins lies, Lavar's restaurant bankrupt, Zorn Guarantees Cooley 7 TDs

After falsely starting rumors Laron Landry wanted to be traded, now Mike Florio from PFT says Dan Snyder is going after Brett Favre. [junkies]
(Enough is enough with Florio...I hope you're happy with your purchase NBC)

Lavar Arrington's Sideline Bar & Grill just filed Chapter 11 [gazette]

Chris Cooley's camp a success, sets the bar for this season [Fairfax Conn]

Cooley even admitted that Redskins coach Jim Zorn guaranteed him seven touchdowns this season during a recent practice.

Lorenzo Alexander gives back. Starts foundation in Oakland community [CCT]

"I feel it's only right, being blessed to be able to play in the NFL, to give back to these kids. I know in Oakland there are a lot of kids that don't have a good foundation or have someone they can look up to. I'm just trying to allow people to see that you can be successful coming out of Oakland."

Fred Smoot not wanted by the PBA [Skins Blog]
(I'm looking very forward to Fred's response on this)

Redskins Insider breaks down the Pro and Cons of Brandon Marshall [Insider]
I stopped reading when I got to the Con: "Marshall faces a trial this summer"

Tickets now available for the Redskins Welcome Home Luncheon, Aug. 26th []

Dallas Cowboys roster starting to gel. Roy Williams' (S) replacement impressing []

Buccaneers might start QB Josh Freeman [

Terrell Owens BLASTS his real estate agent on Twitter [Yahoo]
(I agree with him on this one)

And doing my normal routine for the Slop, I noticed Google had a pretty substantial FAIL today: