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Daily Slop: Roy Williams Already Showing his T.O. ways

Danny Smith missing James Thrash already [WaTimes]

Cody Glenn gets $200K signing bonus [cherokeean]
(Redskins coaches say he'll see time at OLB and special teams)

Roy Williams the next T.O.? [Houston Chronicle]

For Roy Williams, the first day of Dallas Cowboys minicamp was all about getting Tony Romo’s attention.That was clear early in team drills, when Romo forced a pass to tight end Jason Witten rather than targeting an arm-waving Williams across the middle. Williams expressed his displeasure by jumping around and punching the air.

Brandon Marshall says good-bye to Broncos fans on his blog [bmarshall]
Josh McDaniels looks forward to having Marshall in camp []

Vinny Cerrato is friends with new Wiz coach Flip Saunders [Bog]
(Any chance both teams are over .500 next year?)

Brett Favre Fail [lombardi ave]

Joe Buck: Your legacy in Green Bay? Run on to field in Lambeau with a purple 4 on your chest. That’s a knee to the gut of the people of Green Bay.

Favre: Vince Lombardi went to the Washington Redskins when he left," Favre said. "And his name's on the trophy. We give that trophy out every year. I don't hear too many people say, 'That damn traitor. He went to Washington.' Now, time heals a lot of things."

Fan Response: "Favre invoked Lombardi going to the Redskins to explain how he’s not tarnishing his legacy in GB. Uh, that ain’t the Vikings."

I have to side with the Fan in this. I mean, if Darrell Green still wanted to play and he went to Dallas, imagine the back-lash in the DMV. How many milliseconds would it take for a Cowgirl's fan to get beaten down if he wore a silver and blue #28 jersey to Fedex?  

49'ers starting QB job is Shaun Hill's to lose [
(Alex Smith...didn't realize you could get any lower. Oh yea, the Raiders and the CFL)

Raiders close to signing Cowboy's DE Greg Ellis [cnnsi