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Daily Slop: TGIF

Matt Terl gives a fantastic interview with WRs coach Stan Hixon [Skins Blog]
(Covers Santana's speed, what he'd do differently w/ Devin & Malcolm last year, Roydell Williams being the front-runner for the 5th spot, and Zorn's offense )

OTA Wrap-up [Skins Blog
(Fred Davis, Kevin Barnes, and DeAngelo Hall still impressing)

If you haven't been following Steinberg's coverage of all the 'Natinals' continued need to catch up. It is pure comedy. [Sports Bog]

Porn company wants to advertise on Texans' jersies [Yahoo]
(NFL now allows advertising on practice jersies. Dan Snyder I'm sure is all over this)

Zorn announces Chris Horton as the stong safety starter [WaTimes]
(Reed Doughty to play backup role and accepts it with complete class)

Ass-Clown Suspect in Sean Taylor wants to withdraw guilty plea [NY Times]
(Hearing is scheduled for today)

Redskins sign 2 of their draft picks, LB Cody Glenn and FB Eddie Williams [Skins Gab]
(Click the player to view our draft day writeup on them)

Eagles give McNabb a $5.3 million raise [espn]

Alabama gets off REAL easy after getting busted in scholarship violations [deadspin]

Tim Donaghy does not have it easy in prison as his release date nears [deadspin]

Zorn and Landry kiss and make up

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