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Daily Slop: New Skins Radio

Justin Tryon is impressing big time at OTAs [hog heaven]

Dan Snyder's monolopy on radio coming to an end [dc sports report]

WJFK might have former Redskin linebacker Lavar Arrington and Washington Post columnist Mike Wise as on-air talent, and former Redskins great Brian Mitchell

Sean Taylor murder trial postponed a 3rd date Jan 18, 2010 [espn]

Chad Johnson gets multiple face tattoos [awful announcing]

Cowboys knew the builder of the practice facility was incompetent [espn]

Ryan Leaf has a warrant for his arrest in Texas for drug and burglary charges [espn]

Tony Romo the new spokesman for Starter (jackets)...yes, THAT Starter jacket [yahoo]

Record day for Hogs Haven yesteday with the Romo post, 37K visitors

Announcement coming out of Redskins Park at 11am, check back here for the news