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Getting to Know New Redskin, Jeremy Bridges

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- 6'4 - 326lbs
- College: Southern Miss (Degree: Sports Admin)
- Other teams played for: Philly, Arizona, Carolina

Jeremy was drafted by the Eagles in the 6th round (2003), where he was inactive all season, and then picked up off waivers by the Cards. The Panthers picked him up as a Free Agent where he was released in February 2009. In the six years he's been in the NFL, out of the 62 games he's played, he has started in 39 of them.

The SB Nation Panthers' blog recently posted a story with some comical quotes from the new Redskin regarding his previous 2 brush-ins with the law:

"Things happen and I can't blame nobody but myself. If I wouldn't even have been in that situation then I wouldn't have been in the situation."

There were "some unfortunate things I been through in Carolina, besides the good field play. I had a lot left. The thing about Carolina is they kind of frown on off-field incidents. I was unfortunate to have two of them when I was there."

Haha. Man. Every team frowns on off-field incidents, even little league teams. OK. Now the good stuff. The details on the run-ins with the law:

In December of 2008...the incident started when Bridges ordered a bottle of Dom Pérignon (wine) from the restaurant bar Saturday night and shook it up, causing the champagne to spew and get other patrons wet. The restaurant manager alleges that Bridges then got into a verbal confrontation with another patron and then a physical confrontation with the bouncer, at which time the police were called.

To Jeremy's defense, there is nothing more fun than spraying a bottle of bub all over the place. I've done it before and yes, to say people get furious is an understatement. I always pour the person a glass afterwards and invite them over, so pushing a bouncer and screaming at a patron is where the road splits there.

The second black eye arose when Bridges was arrested prior to the start of training camp for the 2007 season and charged with misdemeanor assault for allegedly pointing a gun at a woman in a strip club parking lot in Charlotte, NC. What makes this story so comical is the trial:

Jeremy Bridges gets convicted of assault for pointing a gun at a stripper ("entertainer") who was arguing with one of his buddies. Bridges didn't want his pal talking to her, in part because, as she testified in court: "I don't even date men."

Then the entertainer's uncle takes the stand wearing a sleeveless black dress and high-heeled shoes -- looking like Tina Turner but sounding like Ike -- followed by her pregnant ex-girlfriend.

Was Bridges' lawyer Lionel Hutz? How do you lose a case when the lead prosecution witness is a drag queen?? Only in America folks.


Bridges was found guilty and given a 60-day suspended sentence and one year unsupervised probation; he was also ordered to pay a $500 fine and do 60 hours of community service. The Panthers suspended him for two games for the incident.

The guy definitely has the size, and it's worth a shot working him out. All I know is I'm bringing goggles with me for his 'I made the team' party at Josephine's.

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