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Daily Slop: Let's Hassel the Hoff

Zorny is liking team outlook and changing up practices []

"One of the things we tried to do differently is work drills," Zorn said. "We had the quarterbacks throwing to linebackers, throwing to defensive backs, trying to get their hands a little more ball-speed oriented.
(I really hope Carlos was involved in these drills)

"We’ve got the greater nucleus of what we’re going to go into camp with, so the changes we do make will be because somebody else became available, or it’s just a minor adjustment in personnel," Zorn said.
(Appears the roster is pretty much set)

Redskins not interested in OT Levi Jones, who was just cut [WaTimes]

Zorn has send-off dinner with Holmgren & his wife at Fedex last night [wusa9]

Chris Cooley & Yoder's acting debut in his movie 'Ghosts Don't Exist' []

Redskins players think Haynesworth is a swell guy [JLC]

Matt Millen signs with ESPN for booth and studio coverage [espn

[I am leaving for Pittsburgh in 3 hours for Caps/Penguins Game 4...Redskins jersey is packed]

And because it's Friday, pictures of Hasselhoff's hot daughters [1] [2] [3] [4]

via [ Taylor Ann (left) and Hayley (right) ]