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Devin Thomas: My Hamstring is 100%

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"Showtime" just posted a new blog entry:

I got tripped up at practice the other day and I felt a tweak in my right hamstring. It’s the same one I hurt last preseason so I want to be real careful about it....I wanted to sit out and wait until it felt better, especially when it’s real rainy and the field is wet....was back in action at practice today and it felt great.

Every day I’m out there with Jason and our position coaches, just me and him running routes, critiquing little things and getting better every time out there. Soon it will become more natural and that will make it much easier.

Other than practicing I’m just at home with my family. My fiancée and my son, Devin Jr., just moved in with me this weekend so I spend a lot of time home with my family. Devin Jr. is 17 months now.

I know fans are still pessimistic on Malcolm and Devin, but I am definitely not one of them. Off-season workouts are one thing, but all the time he has spent with Jason working on getting in sync should pay dividends. The players basically have the month off now, so everyone should be 100% come early June.

I guess this makes a good lesson for all of this year's draft picks, don't show up to camp out of shape or you'll have to deal with questions like this all year round.