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Daily Slop: I need to borrow a terrible Skins jersey

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Marcus Mason now knows what it takes to make the squad []
(Randle El and Leon Washington tell him to add special teams to his aresenal)

Giants' SB Nation blog questions Hogs Haven and I reply [Big Blue View

Peter King twitters that Harvison is done [Yahoo]

Butch Davis compares Hakeem Nicks to Michael Irvin [dailynews]
(For so many reasons I really hope Butch is wrong on this)

Builder of Cowboy's bubble had 3 other failures [cnnsi]

Favre's Agent: ‘He wants to win a Super bowl’ [moondog]

Worst Redskins Ebay Item. EVER. [ebay]

Note: I still need to cash in that Hogs Haven NCAA challenge bet and send the Raven's blogger a Skins jersey, which he has to wear to work and photo...does anyone have a jersey I can borrow? Ideally it would be something awful like a Wuerrfel, Jason Taylor, etc. I only have a Sean Taylor one. Please email me at hogshaven@gmail dot com and I'll send you a Skins shirt back with your jersey as a thanks.

Some vintage Cooley for you...