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Personal Lawsuit Filed Against Redskins' Albert Haynesworth

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A lawsuit was filed May 1st against Albert Haynesworth by Jon Perry, the lawyer representing Corey Edmondson. Corey was left disabled as a result of the accident caused by Albert last December. The court date stemming from the indictment was recently pushed back for early June.

In a press release Hogs Haven received from the victim's lawyer today:

Haynesworth refuses to accept responsibility for his dangerous and reckless behavior causing this accident and has not apologized, contacted, visited, or provided any assistance to Corey Edmondson.

In short, Haynesworth was intentionally and selfishly driving like a maniac and he has wreaked havoc on the life of a 25 year old man and his family. 

Even if he refuses to voluntarily accept responsibility, Haynesworth will be held responsible for this accident through the legal system.  This suit is the civil action against Haynesworth.  Haynesworth’s criminal cases are handled by the District Attorney’s Office.  Mr. Edmondson and my office will cooperate with the DA’s office as requested.  I understand that Haynesworth’s criminal charges are still pending and I cannot comment on them at this time.  We know that DA, Kim Helper, will do what is appropriate in his criminal case. 

We look forward to receiving Haynesworth’s response to the suit along with all the documents and information we have requested.  We hope to move Mr. Edmondson’s case to trial as quickly as possible.

I have been following this story from day one, and it really is a sad story, especially if it is true Albert has yet to check in how the victim is doing. It seems like human nature to follow up with all the injured parties involved for such an intense moment. When I spoke with Jon Perry earlier this March, he was very clear Albert, who was still living in Tennessee at the time, made no effort to call or visit Corey. I had hoped this would get resolved quickly when it came out a few months ago, but unfortunately for everyone, it has not. 

In an email exchange I had with the victim's lawyer:

HH: How is Corey doing? Is he still rehabbing and unable to leave his home? Last I spoke with you he had only been out of the house a handful of times and was unable to work.

Jon Perry: Still in Physical Therapy – moving is still very limited.  He is home almost all the time.  He uses walker and cane to go to treatments and therapy.

HH: Isn't Albert's insurance company responsible for paying the damages and hospital bills for the victim?

Jon Perry: They will likely not pay anything until after the case is over.  Not sure he has enough insurance to cover a case of this size.  I hope he does.

HH: How much is the lawsuit for?

Jon Perry: Presently for $7.5 million plus whatever the jury awards in punitive damages.

HH: Looking at the medical bills, $7.5 million seems to be a very high $ number. Where I live in MD, there is a damages cap over medical expenses. Is there is no damage cap in Tennessee and if not, how did you get to the number $7.5 mil? 

Jon PerryHe can't walk. He will need 4-5 hip replacements over his life. Plus he was a laborer. 40 years of lost wages adds up. 

Here is the link to the Tennessean article which Hogs Haven member Ach included in the comments.