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Washington Redskins Tampering Case Opened

Good news looks like we now know who is in line to take at least one of our draft picks next season. I know it has been a real source of worry for many of you out there. I mean, with a full slate of draft picks on the board, you just knew something stupid was going to happen sooner or later. The best part of the Haynesworth deal--in my humble opinion-was that it didn't cost us any draft picks. If they can prove we tampered with the Tennessee Titans and their efforts to re-sign Albert Haynesworth, we can kiss goodbye at least one draft pick.

Oh man...are you kidding me?

Just when you thought it was possible to land a player with nothing more than $100 million, we get this story. Are we really going to be busted for tampering? Something it seems that EVERYONE does. How do you get busted for tampering? Seriously. It is like getting busted snacking in the bulk food section. If they didn't want you to help yourself to the gummy worms, why would they put a whole barrel of them out there like that? Same with the chocolate chips, mini-Reese's, and Cheerios. The scoop is still mandatory of course. We're not animals.

This rule is absurd. The whole world knows the Redskins were talking to Haynesworth's agent before the free agency period started. It was reported Snyder and Chad Speck had dinner, but spent the whole night talking about Malcolm Kelly, another one of Speck's clients. Nobody, and I mean nobody believed that story. Even if it was technically true, there was still a whole exchange that went something like this:

Dan: Malcolm is going to be great this year. I can just taste it. He is so gifted. If he was like, 100 lbs heavier, and maybe played on the defensive line, I would be tempted to pay him $100 million.

Chad Speck: Yeah, Malcolm has been really working hard this offseason. If he was on the verge of free agency, he would be super interested in a place like D.C.

Dan: You don't say? I hear it is hard to leave a place like that. So nice down there. You're telling me that Malcolm Kelly, if he--hypothetically speaking of course--wore number 92 (cough, cough), he would keep his house on the market long enough to consider some out-of-town offers?

Chad: In today's real estate market, you would be hard-pressed to turn down something so absurdly over-the-top like that...what would you be looking for in the way of a home inspection? (wink, wink)

Dan: I am so confused right now.

Chad: Do you want to be gay with me?

Dan: Sorry, dude. I am already with Drew Rosenhaus.

How do they prove wrongdoing here?

Who is going to admit to wrongdoing?

Listen, if we get docked a draft pick for this, at least we can say that we actually DID something with the pick. Right? I mean, there will be an actual action that we can point to and say, "That was what that draft pick was used for." As opposed to having ZERO clue what we have gotten in return for so many draft picks over the years. What do you guys think?