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Hogs Haven Attending Minicamp on Sunday

Sugar and myself will be attending minicamp on Sunday, so if there's any story lines you'd like us to ask/follow, please comment below. So far our priority will be on how Orakpo will be used, how the Oline is coming along, Malcolm and Devin's progress, and Colt (since so many people own $76 Colt jerseys)...we'll be twittering from camp too.

Rich Tandler gave a great recap of minicamp on Friday...

The best-looking receiver out there was Devin Thomas. He certainly seems to be in excellent shape and he's running sharp routes. It appears that, unlike last year, he "gets it"

As most of you know, I'm not much of a Colt Brennan guy but I have to say that I was impressed during seven-on-seven and 11-on-11 drills. He fired a few intermediate passes over the middle with great accuracy and authority and showed good touch on deep passes.

Other mincamp reviews: Washington Examiner, JLC's (scary) review of the Offensive line, how Blache will use Haynesworth