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Daily Slop: Cooley likes him some JD

Portis judges hamburger eating contest in L.A. [WaTimes]
(Awards 1st prize to a Dallas Cowboy backup QB....Boooo)

Rocky McIntosh goes golfing Greg Norman style [Skins Blog]

Cooley does a Q&A with []
(He legitametly hates Philly and airplanes, but not Jack Daniels)

Skins led NFL in 2008 average attendance, but not in ratio of tickets sold/seats filled [SBD]
(23 teams have higher % of butts in the seats vs tickets actually sold)

Michael Strahan getting his ownreality show on Fox [ybb]

Vikes' Udeze returning to field after leukemia []

Josh Cribbs holding out []

Vikings Sign Free Agent FB Nehemiah Broughton [nytimes]

Flirty Sanchez: Mark Sanchez does GQ [ny post]
(Is it just me or does this kid have Matt Leinart bust written all over him?)

Renaldo Wynn talks with Larry Michael

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