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Daily Slop: Redskins still getting no love by Main-stream Media

The Cooleys  make T.E.B. t-shirts for DC Chili cookoff party [cooley blog]

Getting to know Offensive Assistant Chris Meidt [Skins Blog]

Matt Mosley thinks the Skins are the 4th best the NFC East [espn]
(Am I the only one that thinks Dallas is easily the worst?)

John Clayton thinks the Skins are a team to look out for [espn]
(Cites 2nd easiest schedule and offense entering 2nd year)

Michael Irvin's '4th and Long' season premieres 10pm tonight [Spike TV]
(I have zero desire to watch this)

41% of Cowboys' fans see Eagles, not Skins as their biggest rival [Blogging the Boys not counting on Devin or Malcolm to step up.