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Sporting News: More 'Expert' Rankings Redskins Do Poorly In

Sportingnews_medium recently posted their top 20 rankings for Tight Ends, Offensive Tackles, Guards, Centers, and Wide Receivers. With how poorly the Skins' offense did last year, I wasn't too optimistic they would fair well, especially after how low the Skins have ranked in the 2009 power rankings. In the words of Rodney Dangerfield, 'No Respect!'

Before I reviewed the Sporting News' rankings lists, I thought to myself it was a given Chris Cooley, Santana Moss, and Chris Samuels would highlight the page in some capacity. Next, I guessed Cooley and Samuels would be around #6, and Tanaman around #15.  Take a second to think yourself. One of the three fore-mentioned names didn't make the top 20, and I missed another Redskin completely, who squeaked in at a #19 spot....


To view the Sportings News' explanation for their picks, click each position: Tight EndsOffensive Tackles, GuardsCenters, and Wide Recievers.

Dockery, the only Skins ranked OL besides Samuels, slipped into the top 20 for Guards, but we don't need to address the top 20 with the Skins' Oline. It's too suspect and ranks one of the poorest. Cooley is coming off a 1 TD year with 2 back-breaking fumbles in key games, so no argument here with him at #8.  I'm a little surprised Orlando Pace is above Chris Samuels though.  Orlando will soon be 35 years old, and is only valuable at pass-blocking, so how does that put him over Samuels?  Right, because the Skins stink and don't have Cutler. Does Orlando get a #9 ranking with Cutler still in Denver? Probably not.

The WR ranking is rather baffling to me for more reasons than Santana not making the list. Wes Welker is better than Santana Moss? Really? Walker's role as a slot WR should never be under-rated. He is a major part of the Pats' offense, but Santana wins games. The big joke of this ranking is Steve Smith at #10 and not at #6. Another mystery is Chad Johnson. Is there anyone who really would want Ocho Stinko over Housh?

1 Jason Witten (DAL) Ryan Clady (DEN) Larry Fitzgerald
2 Tony Gonzalez (ATL) Walter Jones (SEA) Andre Johnson
3 Dallas Clark (IND) Jason Peters (SEA) Reggie Wayne
4 Kellen Winslow (TAM) Joe Thomas (CLE) Anquan Boldin
5 Antonio Gates (SD) Michael Roos (TEN) Randy Moss
6 Heath Miller (PIT) Jordan Gross (CAR) Terrell Owens
7 Owen Daniels (HOU) Jammal Brown (NO) Braylon Edwards
8 Chris Cooley (WAS) Jake Long (MIA) Lee Evans
9 Todd Heap (BAL) Orlando Pace Greg Jennings
10 Bo Scaife (TEN) Chris Samuels (WAS) Steve Smith
11 Ben Watson (NE) Chad Clifton (GB) Calvin Johnson
12 Zach Miller (OAK) Flozell Adams (DAL) Roy Williams
13 Greg Olsen (CHI) Bryant McKinnie (MIN) Donald Driver
14 Jeremy Shockey (NO) Jared Gaither (BAL) Marques Colston
15 John Carlson (SEA) David Diehl (NYG) Roddy White
16 Kevin Boss (NYG) Matt Light (NE) Chad Johnson
17 Visanthe Shiancoe (MIN) Eric Winston (HOU) Brandon Marshall
18 Dustin Keller (NYJ) Marcus McNeill (SAN) T.J. Houshmandzadeh
19 Brent Celek (PHI) Vernon Carey (MIA) Hines Ward
20 Brandon Pettigrew (DET) Sam Baker (ATL) Wes Welker


It's going to be a long off-season Redskins fans so brace yourself for more "expert" rankings the Redskins get over-looked in. What are your thoughts? Doesn't it seem mainstream media seems to judge players by their fantasy numbers and not realistic abilities?