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Top Defensive Backup For the Redskins?

Here we are in the slow days of May. Though it doesn't seem to be slowing down our old friend Bruce Smith. How many DUI's is that now? Three? Wait, he has never been convicted.

Another guy who doesn't seem to be letting the offseason slowness get him down--Corey McIntyre, Buffalo Bills FB. Of course, his agent maintains his innocence, but just the accusation of "fondling himself outside a woman's home" is going to follow him around the NFL all season long. Does anyone see Najeh Davenport and not think, "That's the dude who crapped in that woman's closet!"

It's a long way until training camp opens and the real battles begin at the various positions, but let's ask ourselves in mid-May: Who do we think our top defensive backup is at this point?

For the purpose of this poll, we assume Daniels, Griffin, Haynesworth, Carter on the defensive line; Orakpo, Fletcher, McIntosh at LB; Rogers, Hall, Landry, Horton in the defensive backfield.

Is anyone else feeling Fincher? On this defense, the LB should really have a chance to have his name called a lot. He has now had some time to learn and develop in this system. I hate to overlook Smoot since he will spend a ton of time on the field this season. And I love Anthony "Meat" Montgmery as well--he is a monster.

I am casting my vote for Fincher today. Call it a hunch, but I think he will make a real impact on this defense before the season is over, in a divisional game with the playoffs on the line.