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Dan Snyder Is Having the Best Day Ever

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Two big things to report today. The NFL announced that the salary cap will raise $12 million this year to $123 million. More free agents!!! *sigh*

The cap was due to increase $7 million to $123 million this season, but additional adjustments stipulated in the current CBA will increase the total amount that teams can spend on player compensation to about $128 million. The $12 million increase is the largest in three years.

The current top free agents are Edge, Derrick Brooks, Jon Runyan, Marvin Harrison, and Chris McAlister.

In other news, Dan Snyder (and Redskins Nation) dodged a bullet and won a lawsuit in the Federal courts allowing them to keep "Redskins" as their mascot name.

The decision issued Friday by the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington doesn't address the main question of racism at the center of the case. Instead, it upholds the lower court's decision in favor of the football team on a legal technicality. The court agreed that the seven Native Americans waited too long to challenge the trademark first issued in 1967.