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Daily Slop: Cooley

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Check out Cooley's NFL Network chat with fans...some good ones []

Tank NJ: I think Jared Cook will be better than you. What do you think?
Cooley: I do not know who Jared Cook is. Obviously, you're not a 'Skins fan. I think Paris Hilton would probably be a better sports analyst than you.

Kurt Warner meets Obama []

Andy Reid answers questions on Boldin, Dawkins, and McCoy []

Andy Reid's son going back to jail after a fight in halfway house [cnnsi]

Cerrato likes what McPhee is doing with the Caps [DC Sports Bog]
(He also compares himself to Sidney Crosby)

Cutler will be a fantasy loser [usatoday]

Hogs Haven adds Facebook and Podcast (see below) to Twitter

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