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Hoggin the Airwaves: Special Teams, 2009 Draft Busts (Volume 1)

Mic_medium So in our endless quest for entertainment, Ken (aka Sugar), and I have dived into the world of podcasting. We seriously are at each other's throats on almost every Redskins issue so instead of sharing mundane IM logs, we thought we'd take to the mp3 world. If you haven't noticed, Ken is a self-proclaimed Redskins Kool-aid drinker, and I am extremely critical of all Redskins moves. This thing could turn into something great since we have some interviews with DC notables and players in the works, so we thought we'd do a dry run here and discuss the following topics, which we came up with after we started recording.


- Special teams (Randle El)
- Haynesworth's role this year (Sugar wants him as DE)  
- Starting LB core this year
- Who is the bust of the NFL draft this year
- Either/or: Who would be a worse addition to the Ring of Fame..
- Either/or: Who would you rather start as QB today (Jeff George or Wuerffel)
- Either/or: 2 Wins vs Dallas or 1 win vs each NFC East team

If the mp3 player is not showing, you can listen to the mp3 here.