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Daily Slop: Cooley on NFL Network

Chris Cooley on the NFL Network last night. [Cooley blog]
(He will be on again tonight and will be live-chatting at 6pm EST. We just posted our question. He also linked to Jared Allen's blog who video'd himself hunting and killing a buffalo [jaredallen69]). Some Cooley quotes from last night....

I flew all the way over here and you want to talk about Brett Favre?

Jason Campbell is viewed as the leader of our team. All the guys look up to him. He took control of team and the huddle. Maybe it took a little bit to light a fire under Jason to say "Listen this is my team and I'm going to get it done." He had an outstanding first minicamp. 

Will Jason Campbell return as the QB next year? [Insider] 43% think 'No'

Quincy Carter arrested....again [black sports]

Padraig Harrington thinks you should try the Happy Gilmore swing [youtube]
(He added 30 yards to his drive when he swings like Happy Gilmore)

Old news, but Cooley doing kareoke with Brad Penny & Chuck Lidell [tmz] via Bog

NFL store adds Redskins bikini just in time for summer [nfl shop]
(Ok you got me, I wouldn't be adding this to the Slop if the bikini was modeled on a mannequin)