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NFC East Draft Debate: Who Fielded The Best Rookie Class?


In the never-ending world of second-, third-, and fourth-guessing professional general managers/front offices, we lay out each draft class in the NFC East, assess posittions of need, and ultimately ask Redskins Nation what they think about the newly minted rivals.

Cowgirls Draft

Round Player Pos College
3 Jason Williams OLB Western Illinois
3 Robert Brewster G Ball State
4 Stephen McGee QB Texas A&M
4 Victor Butler OLB Oregon State
4 Brandon Williams DE Texas Tech
5 DeAngelo Smith CB Cincinnati
5 Michael Hamlin S Clemson
5 David Buehler PK USC
6 Stephen Hodge S TCU
6 John Philips TE Virginia
7 Mike Mickens CB Cincinnati
7 Manuel Johnson WR Okalohoma

This draft is full of guys that caused eyebrows to raise pretty much every time a new name was called. Jerry Jones possibly saved Vinny from making David Buehler a Redskin in this draft. Unfortunately for Dallas, the kicker might be the most recognizable name on this board, thanks to his studly combine performance (HGH Colada, anyone?) This draft was roundly panned by critics and Cowgirl haters alike. Of course, they burned their best ammo on Roy Williams. He is a pretty good receiver, but that trade still looks awful for Dallas, especially given Roy's stats as a Cowgirl and the absolutely zippy impact he had on their postseason chances. We know, however, that at least one guy from this draft will give us major headaches in the next 5-7 years. Who is it going to be?

As for the Giants... Continue reading this post >>

New York G-boys Draft

Round Player Pos College
1 Hakeem Nicks WR North Carolina
2 Clint Sintim OLB Virginia
2 William Beatty T Connecticut
3 Ramses Barden WR Cal-Poly
3 Travis Beckum TE Wisconsic
4 Andre Brown RB North Carolina State
5 Rhett Bomar QB Sam Houston State
6 DeAndre Wright CB New Mexico
7 Stoney Woodson CB South Carolina

The Giants' front office has made some savvy moves in recent years during the draft. No defensive linemen were brought in this year, which is a relief--they could draft KevinE as a defensive lineman and turn him into a pass rusher. So I am glad to see they are standing pat for right now from a draft perspective. Hakeem Nicks looks like he is going to be a pain in our ass for a long time. At UNC, he showed the ability to go and get the ball as well as find the end zone. I predict he will be the best rookie wide receiver next year. And it absolutely breaks my heart to say that.

Iggles Draft

Round Player Pos College
1 Jeremy Maclin WR Missouri
2 LeSean McCoy RB Pittsburgh
5 Cornelius Ingram TE Florida
5 Victor Harris CB Virginia Tech
5 Fenuki Tupou T Oregon
6 Brandon Gibson WR Washington State
7 Paul Fanaika G Arizona State
7 Moise Fokou OLB Maryland

This is the best draft in the NFC East I think. Maclin and McCoy will play for them right away. Cornelius Graham is a crazy athlete that should make an impact in games by the end of the season, if not sooner. I remain unconvinced by the talking heads that this draft was second to the New York's draft. They traded a couple picks to pick up Jason Peters before draft day, and then traded some late day picks for Ellis Hobbs, who will factor in their defense right away. In my humble opinion, the Eagles brought in the best haul of any team in the NFC East. Stupid Iggles.

Redskins Draft

Round Player Pos College
1 Brian Orakpo DE Texas
3 Kevin Barnes CB Maryland
5 Cody Glenn OLB Nebraska
6 Robert Henson ILB TCU
7 Eddie Williams TE Idaho
7 Marko Mitchell WR Nevada

We have gone through this pretty exhaustively as a group this week. Pretty much a one-player draft for us, assuming Kevin Barnes takes a while to find a spot in this lineup. If Orakpo blows up, this draft is great for us. If he disappears, this draft looks bad quickly. I am optimistic (shocker) that the former will be more possible. But I simply can't put this group ahead of New York's or Philly's class at this point. Since we needed the pass rush specialist and got the top-ranked one, I think it is easy to rank the Redskins' draft higher than the Dallas' draft, one which seemed to lack rhyme, reason, and flow.

What do you think?

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