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Daily Slop

Sanchez to visit the Skins April 17th, B.J. Raji April 15th []
(Raji's failed drug test reported as not true [] )

Dan Snyder and Portis hang out with Hef and his beauties [Bog]

Tank Johnson signs with who else, the Bungles []

Rams shopping the #2 pick []

Eminem makes fun of Romo and Jessica Simpson in his new MTV video [yahoo]
(Full video here. Only good Romo part is the end where he throws a cheeseburger deep to Jessica. I really don't miss Em's videos at all.)

Jags WR Reggie WIlliams arrested for cocaine, tasered [cnnsi]

Deuce McAllister filed for Bankruptcy, has 20 cars removed off his lot [espn]

And why not, here's video of Portis steam-rolling Mathias Kiwanuka