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Daily Slop: Larry Johnson likely to be cut

Devin Thomas (MSU) loses bet to Ethan Albright (UNC) [Skins Blog]

Excellent coverage of the final cuts for the Redskinettes (pics/video) [Skins Blog]
(Some super hotties, especially the last video interview)

Break down of HB Blades upcoming roles []

Larry Johnson likely to be cut (Chiefs still working for a late pick) [ArrowHeadPride]
(Let all the rumors fly if Snyderrato should trade a pick and get Larry Johnson)

Recap of behind the scenes of Bears/Broncos negotiations for Cutler [wcg]
(Jets were never in it and the Skins were never close to landing Cutler)

Raiders ink Garcia, create QB controversy. [Yahoo]

Parking meter prices in DC jumping to $2/hour from $1/hour [WaPost]

Santana's 30th birthday party in Miami Beach announced [Tanaman89]