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Daily Slop: Trailer for 'The Hangover'

Leftwich likely to remain in Pittsburgh since he can't compete for #1 [WaTimes]
(If you're going to be a backup, you might as well get a Super Bowl ring out of it)

Plaxico rejected $29.5 million offer from Big Blue []
(Have their eyes set on Braylon Edwards )

Trailer for "The Hangover," a new comedy [youtube]
(This movie looks to be better than Wedding Crashers and Old School combined)

Local draft prospects work out at Redskins Park last Friday []
(Lots of Terps on the list)

Jeff Garcia negotiating with Raiders []

Shawn Springs back in town, meets the Capitals [DC Sports Bog]

"You're in the wrong sport, man...You're supposed to be a linebacker or something. Come on over to football." Springs told Donald Brashear

"When I'm done," [Springs] said, "I'm gonna get an old-school Dexter Manley jersey--1986 probably--an RV and just be a fan, of all sports."