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Skins Clear Air

For anyone wondering how you want a professional quarterback to act in light of trade rumors, owner/GM doubt, etc. look no further than Jason Campbell. Snyder, Cerrato, Zorn and Campbell sat down on Friday to share their feelings on the Cutler circus and it is clear that the QB that remains on our roster is one who is capable of dealing with the rigors of his profession.

What Jay Cutler so obviously lacks in mental toughness--as evidenced by his lack of championships and his inability to act like a man--Jason Campbell packs in spades. Here is what #17 had to say:

"I expressed myself, Dan expressed himself and we just spoke honestly about the whole situation," Campbell said. "It was good to just talk about everything and for everybody to just say where they're coming from. For me, I just wanted to express what I'm trying to do as the quarterback of this team: trying to get better every day to help us reach that higher level we all want to reach.

"I understand what Dan was saying and I'm glad he kind of wanted to talk about everything that's been going on, because it has been kind of crazy the last couple of days. With us all being in the same room and just expressing everything, I would say it was a very successful meeting because everyone expressed themselves and made it clear what we want to try to accomplish."


It seems that Dan Snyder made it clear that he still does not think Campbell is a "franchise quarterback". Let me be clear when I say, "WHAT DOES DAN SNYDER KNOW ABOUT IT?" That guy makes one stupid move after another and his opinion is supposed to matter? Sign checks and shut up.

One last thought...when Joe Gibbs plucked Jason Campbell out of Auburn in 2005, a big part of the decision was character. In this latest debacle, the strength of that decision was made very apparent to all of us. We continue to hope for a more complete QB on the field that will net Redskins fans the results we yearn for, but even in the offseason, Campbell is showing the kind of mental resolve that is absolutely a part of being a "franchise quarterback". If only Joe Gibbs could draft us an owner.