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Last Word: Michael Vick will Never be a Redskin

So with all the news of Michael Vick being a free man in 3 weeks, it took all but 14 milliseconds for some schmoe to post a blog that the Redskins should bring in Michael Vick, the  the culprit blogger today is Chad Hensley from the Bleacher Report:

It's no secret that current starting quarterback Jason Campbell isn't wanted in D.C....Vick would actually be a good fit for the Redskins.  He is from Virginia and starred at Virginia Tech.

Where do I start with this one? So, the Charles Manson of puppies is from Virginia, that makes him a better Redskin? John Riggins, Darrell Green, and Charles Mann...none of them are from Virginia. If anything, Ron Mexico being from Virginia HURTS your argument because all of his degenerate friends live in the area and would be more likely to bring him down.

So Chad, you never mentioned specifics for how #7 would be "a good fit." If you want to say because the O line is suspect, and he has the best chance of avoiding a sack, then maybe, but that does not automatically make him a good fit. The Redskins need an accurate passer and more importantly, a confident leader on the field. Matt Cassell took more sacks than Campbell and the Pats won 11 games. isn't a reach to say there are still thousands in Virginia who would love to see Vick in Burgundy and Gold.  That means jersey sales, media attention, and other dollar signs for Snyder and company.

Thousands!!!! Well, if he has THOUSANDS...then by all means sign him!! Heath Shuler still has thousands of fans. I'm actually kind of pissed now. As for the jersey sales, this has to be a joke. No parent is going to buy a jersey either for themselves or for their kid. Knowing all the loyal Skins fan I do, I am pretty certain no one would buy one, unless it had 'Mexico' on the back. continue...

On the field, Vick is not as good of a passer as Campbell, but would still be an upgrade because of his unbelievable athletic ability.  That is, if he still has that ability.

You just counter-argued your own statement. Why would you say he is a 'good fit' if you don't even know if he still has it?

The word is he has stayed in shape and even quarterbacked for the prison's football team.  It's probably safe to say there weren't any players like Demarcus Ware breathing down his neck in the pen, though.

Dear Lord. You can't be out of the league this long and can jump right back into your prime. But it's OK, I mean, you're thinking Cerrato would sign Vick as a free agent, right?

The Redskins still have the 2010 first round draft pick, and although they kept good on their word not to trade it during the 2009 draft, I can see it happening.

AHHH. The Redskins wouldn't trade their 2010 #1 pick for Mark Sanchez, so why would they do it for Vick?!!? Lord help us all. Snyder was very sincere how much he learned from Coach Gibbs and how signing players of good character are essential. This is all old news, where have you been, Chad?