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Khary Campbell gone, rejects minimum salary deal from Redskins [WaTimes]

Redskins's undrafted signee on NFL Network tonight at 8pm [Skins Blog]
(Inside look into Deion Sanders' camp...tough to watch over Caps but will flip over)

Saints release DTs Hollis Thomas and Brian Young [] 

Coaches address O-Line []

“I’m not disappointed we haven’t drafted an offensive lineman,” Zorn said. “We are developing some of our linemen. We are hoping that Chad Rinehart develops into an outstanding offensive lineman. D’Anthony Batiste--we hope he can develop.”

Cooley, Dought, Ken Harvey visit school and give some great advice [WaPost]

Madden creams his pants. Favre to Vikings rumors heating up [Yahoo]

Cooley rocks the red, hangs with JC and Brashear [Cooley Bog]

Great point, why aren't Herbstreit and Fowler in the NFL draft coverage? [Yahoo]

Peyton manning and Tiger Woods paired up in Pro-Am []

Freddie Mitchell is blogging, takes credit for Super Bowl run [blogspot]

Smoot responds to Barnes' comment "Smoot is getting a little bit older" [WaTimes]

And in case you missed it on draft day, Hogs Haven's suggestion of what to do with your old Jason Taylor jerseys